Our team has access to long term experience and deep knowledge in the fields of structural optimization and structural analysis. We consider the actual developments in university research as well as extensive experience from industrial projects. The combination of fundamental knowledge of analysis methods and project experience is applied to support our customers in their development processes.


Structural optimization methods are applied in virtual product development since several years. In general, these methods are separated in Sizing, Shape, and Topology Optimization methods, respectively.


The application of the different methods as well as their potential are strongly related to the available design freedom. Thus, structural optimization should start in the virtual design process as early as possible. Due to our fundamental knowledge and extensive experience the FEMopt Studios GmbH is the best partner to support your development process with the right optimization tool.


The basis of each structural optimization is a precise structural analysis on well founded structural mechanics. In the field of structural mechanics our team can refer to long term experience and many new developments. In the following section the most important components of a FEM analysis should be introduced:

  • Element formulations
  • Boundary conditions
  • Material formulations
  • Solution strategies


Our Team has a decades-long tradition of engineering software development. The in-house software Carat++ can look back on a evolution that started allready in 1987 with the predecessor code Carat. Since then, the software has been intensively testet in numerous projects and continuously improved. Beyond that, our team has contributed to the development of miscellaneous commercial software products and thus gained substantial expertise in software development beyond Carat++.


Selected key aspects of our expertise are:

  • Software integration in existing customer processes:
    • Software solutions with effective interfaces to existing software of the customer
    • Plugin solutions (complete integration)
  • Performance and Parallelization:
    • Short computing time
    • Usage in fast Design cycles
  • Newest methods (state of the art) and modern software development offered by one team