Do the test. Load XCARAT to your PC and test the efficient development with structural optimization.

XCARAT Workbench

XCARAT Workbench offers a standalone application for the definition and solution of different optimization problems. The application is shipped for the platforms Windows and Linux.

xcarat workbench 1

XCARAT Plugin for ANSYS Workbench

The XCARAT Plugin for ANSYS Workbench offers a seamless integration of optimization problems into the surface and the workflow of ANSYS Workbench. Only with a few steps you are able to setup the optimization solver and start defining and solving an optimization problem within ANSYS Mechanical.


Topology optimization

Topology optimization is an efficient tool to compute optimal structural designs especially in the early phase of product development. These designs reflect the optimal material distribution in the design space and ensure high stiffness combined with a minimal weight. Manufacturing constraints ensure a smooth transition of the optimization results into final CAD models. In many cases these designs can be optimized further by shape optimization.



Shape optimization

Shape optimization is a very efficient tool to compute the optimal geometry of structural components. The so called free shape approach uses a FE-based parametrization characterized by fast modeling and a very flexible solution space. The shape optimization is applicable to a large variety of structural components e.g. shell structures, solid structure or beam structures. Consideration of shape constraints ensure design space limits or curvature limits. An automatic mesh regularization approach guarantees robust FE-models and accurate simulation results.



Pressure bulkhead A350 - courtesy of AIRBUS S.A.S.

Bead optimization

The development of optimal bead patterns is a very complex task especially for multiple loading conditions. The bead patterns computed by the bead optimization method of the XCarat Optimization Plugin show the highest possible performance. These designs are usually better than common standard designs. Many different objectives can be used for the bead optimization e.g. maximum stiffness, minimum stresses, improved dynamic response etc. Manufacturing constraints ensure robust designs and simplify interpretation and CAD remodeling.


Car rear shelf - courtesy of Adam Opel AG

Sizing optimization

Sizing optimization is applied for the computation of optimal cross section parameters e.g. shell thickness, or beam cross sections. This method can be applied to compute the optimal blank thicknesses of welded steel structures with respect to mass, stiffness, maximum stress or buckling loads. Another application field is the optimal design of framework structures. The optimization can be defined on element level as well as on the level of structural components, e.g. metal sheets.

takraf thickness optimization

welding structure - courtesy of TAKRAF GmbH