The FEMopt Studios GmbH offers services and software development in the fields of structural analysis and structural optimization. The structural optimization methods reflect the state of the art in university research. They are developed in cooperation with the Chair of Structural Analysis of the Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen.

Opel XXX Bodengruppe, Ausgangsmodell
Opel XXX Bodengruppe, Frequenzanalyse Opel XXX Bodengruppe, optimiertes Modell

Initial structure Opel floor component

Optimization goal: maximize eigenfrequencies

Structural analysis of floor component

lowest eigenfrequency: 22,06Hz

optimized bead structure

lowest eigenfrequency: 94.0Hz

Nearly all components of technical structures can be improved by application of structural optimization strategies. The FEMopt Studios offer a broad application field of structural optmization methods to their customers. These methods allow for a specific consideration of our customers requirements. Our customers gain multiple benefits from our services, e.g.


A detailed structural analysis is the basis of each structural optimization process. During the analysis all mechanical properties of the components are investigated. The offered analysis strategies are formulated by the Finite Element Method, e.g.